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Wild Birds on feeder

Wild Birds

You don't have to venture far from your homes to find fantastic birds and wildlife. The UK is home to some amazing bird species, many of which can be easily spotted in your gardens if you have the right foods to attract them. Many birds even rely on people hanging feeders in their gardens to help them get through the winter months, when their natural food sources are harder to find!

Here at Paws & Claws, we have everything you need to get started to do your part in helping to support our local wildlife populations. We offer a selection of nuts, seeds, fat balls, suet and mealworms. Coupled with a range of feeders, for birds of varying sizes, it provides everything they require to keep them strong and healthy all year round.



Hedgehogs are common in most parts of the UK. As their name suggests, they are often found in and around hedgerows, however they are also known to create their habitats in fields and woodlands. Gardens can provide perfect conditions for hedgehogs to set up camp, with their favourite foods (insects such as worms, beetles, slugs, caterpillars etc.) in plentiful supply. It is often a great nesting choice as it provides essential protection from predators.

When feeding hedgehogs, you can mimic their natural diets by leaving meat-based cat and dog foods, or there are dedicated hedgehog foods which provide a perfect balance of nutrition as a supplement to their natural diet. We have a selection of hedgehog foods in our shop as well as reduced height bowls which are perfect for supporting your prickly pals!

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